How are my mechanics?


Looks like you had what Nyman calls “intent”. :lol:
Bout time to got into this century… :wink:

thanks, i’ve always wanted to see how you pitched but is there a reason for it being so small

Stephen, how hard were you throwing in your career? From my guess I’d say low 90s.

Yeah, sorry about it being so small … maybe it’s not me !?! lol.

This video is, regrettably, of very very poor quality. It’s from the video tapes we used in the Cubs organization to analyze and review our performance from the night before. Every pitcher was taped every game, and we reviewed the tapes with the pitching coach the next day.

Unfortunately, my tape is corrupted. And our of more than 1.5 hours of footage, this is the best (and only) footage I got. Sad, actually, cause I’ve got nothing else to show my kids (when that happens)…

I sat in the low 90s, but actually started touching 95 and 96 when I went only out of the stretch starting the second half of 2002. I was a closer anyways, so it made sense. Going out of the stretch also “quickened” me up a bit and got everything synched better, in my opinion.

My circle change was 78 and my knuckle curve was 76-78.

Sorry to dog-pile on the video quality, Steven, but the first half of your clip is also a poster child for one of my favorite rants about analytical video. Pitchers: Whenever possible, make your videographer use a tripod.

Otherwise, you risk getting sea-sick while trying to distinguish between movement associated with your delivery mechanics versus background motion caused by the shaky camera. And, you risk making your future children sea-sick when you show them what you used to do from a pitcher’s mound.

Totally agree! The videographer in this case was whoever was the day-before’s starting pitcher.

when you say that it is the only footage you got, does the whole dvd play in you dvd player or is that the only clip that plays

No, the issue isn’t the software, it’s the DVD itself. The software worked great. But the original video is the problem.

ahh so now i finally get to see steven ellis the great. you got pretty dang good mechanics

keep working hard and with these mechs it looks like you can be something great lol