How about Mike Pelfrey?

Mike Pelfrey, who had an abysmal 07 season with the Mets, losing about 4 times the amount of games he had won, threw his 2nd consecutive complete game last night, giving up only 1 run. He’s gone 10-2 since the all star break, which is the best record since then in all of MLB. Yes, better than Sabathia’s 8-0 (who would be 14-5 counting his Indians record). This time next year, I think Pelfrey will have the first slot in the rotation, above Santana. Yes, above Santana. You wait and see. :smiley:

He’s turned his season around but saying he’ll be there NO.1 starter is iffy he will be NO. 2 at worse 3.

As long as we don’t do something stupid like trade him, or overwork him, I think he would definitely have to two slot. Now, looking back at how much we payed for Santana, he should keep the one slot. It would be a great one-two punch to take 3 game series. Kinda like Sabbathia and Sheets.

I don’t really think it matters what the Mets do, they’ll still lose.