How a splitter is thrown and how a forward spin is put on it

Didn’t know about spliters in my day. Trying to figure out how to get a split finger pitch to spin forward so it breaks down. Please tell me how the pitcher holds the ball and the actions that he takes until it leaves his hand to get it to spin forward that makes it drop. Thanks, Oldpitcher

u jus throw it normal

I don’t know how well I can explain it w/o a picture but I spread my middle and index fingers out around both sides of the ball with each of the two fingers on the top side of a seam and my thumb just sits on the bottom like a fastball. When I release it, I keep my wrist stiff. I’ve heard lots of other ways of throwing it but that way works best for me.

Hold your wrist up before you release the ball so when ut about to release it your wrist snaps downward on its own.