House & Evans throwing program

I have heard alot about Tom House and James Evans’ pitching workouts from a friend and wondering where I can find more info on it? ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks

I am NPA-certified and might be able to answer your questions.

Is there validity to the weighted ball program? What are the details of the program?

I don’t know all the details as I have not yet gotten involved with the program. It is customized for each pitcher. It uses weighted balls (both overload and underload). It also involves throwing without letting go of the ball which trains the decelerators. As far as I know, this last point is what separates this program from all others.

The program was initially created to strengthen and stabilize the shoulder. But a byproduct was increased velocity. And the results seem to be very positive.

But I still have questions about how permanent those results are, can the program be repeated and how often, etc.

Thanks, I like Steven’s program but there isn’t any deceleration portion. I like the whole idea of the range of motion without release.

Roger, very interesting, I have always seen the weighted ball program administered by actually throwing the ball and I always kept my kids away from this program because of that. So you are saying that the pitcher doesn’t actually throw the ball in the drill the way you understand it. The drill is to work on building the ability of the body to decelerate the arm and not to throw the ball harder…correct?

If this is how you see it, I like it. Here is a Cal Ripken video of how I have often heard this used. I would like to hear more about your thoughts on this subject and the subject of how to enhance a pitchers ability to decelerate their arm!

The NPA program involves both letting go and not letting go. I just don’t know the numbers - how many of each, what weight, etc? Actually, these numbers are what is customized for each pitcher.

As for that Ripken video, I’d question a few things…

(1) What does it mean to “lengthen the arm” and is that something we really want to be doing? (Sounds like loosening the joints.)

(2) Why add the weight of a weighted ball but then go to the knees and throw easy? (Throwing from the knees takes the lower half out of the equation which means less energy going through the system.)

(3) The instruction to “throw over the top” seems “canned” - inappropriate for those who don’t normally throw over the top.

I looked through the Ripken drills and didn’t really care for it much. The deceleration phase of the training is supposed to stregnthen the rear of the shoulder as I understand it.

Going to keep looking til I find it.