House and/or Mills

Has anyone read either? Any thoughts?

I felt this relevant due to the recent passing of Dick Mills. They say a person’s ideas or works are truly appreciated only after death. Has anyone changed their approach based on the work of Mills?

I have read House’s book but not Mills. But, I have followed Mills’ teachings on and off over the years. House and Mills both were essentially Tall & Fall guys 15 years ago. Mills’ mantra used to be “nothing happens until foot plant.” But, that changed a lot over the years. He and House both underwent a shift in philosophy. Now, they both preach momentum as a way to increase philosophy. Their philosophies are not identical, but there are definite similarities.

You would think that over time as the experts learn more and get smarter that their ideas would all converge on the actual truth. But I guess we’re not there yet. Mills certainly liked to take jabs at House.

The gist of House’s book is that it presents his mechanics model. The model was created by watching high speed video of the best pitchers in the game and identifying their commonalities. As such, it’s based on what great pitchers actually do as opposed to someone’s belief system or conventional wisdom.

BTW, I am NPA-certified and have been trained by House.