Hot weather help tips

When it’s really hot and it’s like 98 degrees and not a breeze in sight, here’s a tip that can keep you a litter cooler.

Take some face cloths and soak them in water, then wring them out so their not dripping. Then place them in a plastic bag and place the bag and face cloths in the freezer. the night before your game or practice.

I usually make sure I have a supply of them in the freezer… about three face cloths per plastic bag.

The day of your game or practice, take the plastic bag and cloths and place in a larger plastic bag, then wrap it all up in a small towel. During between innings you’ ll have a nice clean refreshing face wipe for your face and the back of you neck.

Another tip, is to bring three or four old T-shirts with you. But before you pack them into your equipment bag, sprinkle the inside of each T-shirt with a health dose of baby or talcumn powder. In between innings you can remove your old T-shirt that’s soaked with a combination of your body oil and sweat… and put on a real refreshing T-shirt that’s not only cool… but the talcumn power will take that hot clamy feeling off your back, chest and shoulders.

Coach B.