Hope to get some feedback

My son is starting to pitch this season and I hope I could get some feedback to help him improve. Anything in his mechanics that needs improvement would be appreciated. Id hate to see him play poorly or hurt himself due to his mechanics. I have videos of different angles that hopefully you guys to take a look at. All of these were taken at different moments. Also from the angle facing his body, it was in the third and fifth pitches that he threw a ball far from the strike zone if that helps. For the most part it looked like he threw strikes or borderline strikes. Once again, any advice would be appreciated.

In the stretch, don’t let his feet come together like that, keep them about shoulder width apart so he finds his balance more easily maintained…the huge arm sweep before he sets is completely un-necessary…but until he actually has runners lead off…let him dream he’s at the World Series :smiley:

He looks fundamentally sound and that is all you need right now…just let him enjoy

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There is a lot to like about this young man’s delivery and no big, obvious problems.

I do agree with jd’s opinion about the importance of starting posture; that is, whether in the set position or starting from the wind-up, your son should try to learn to be consistent in the placement of his feet (no more or less than about shoulder width. The reward for doing this comes pretty quickly–a more repeatable delivery leads to better control of the strike zone.

If you look at video of sequential deliveries by most pro level players, it is astonishing how “machine-like” they are in terms of consistently repeating their starting posture…pitch after pitch after pitch.

You can see the result of their initial precision played out in the rest of their delivery…when they are “on”, most good pitchers will repeatedly land on the same cleat marks with their stride foot. If their delivery includes a “drag line” made by the post foot during the delivery, then that will also repeat identically from pitch to pitch.

Finally, I agree fully with jd’s last sentiment: He’s looking good, and should be having a lot of fun.

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the lower body and upper body dont match up