Hop thing

Ok not really sure how to put this but I realzed when i pitched sometimes I do this hop thing. I pitch from the stretch and when i do my leg kick I also stand on my toes so my heel comes off the ground (my heel doesn’t come FAR off the the ground just a little) and as my leg comes down so does my heel (I am working on hip/shoulder seperation and this is when I really noticed it) and when my heel hits the ground i push off the rubber. I wasn’t sure if this is legal or whatever but could this negatively effect me or actually help me?

I don’t think it’s illegal. As far as its effect on you is concerned, it may be insignificant. In an ideal sense, it’s wasted movement and effort because you are exerting effort in a vertical direction when you should really be directing your effort and energy towards the target.

I would not say it’s wasted movement if incorporated correctly into your delivery.