Home run durby and all-star game

The MLB All-Star game and Homerun Durby will be on july 14 and 15.
Will you be attending or watching from home.
Who do you think is going to win and durby and the All-Star game?

I’m hoping Evan Longoria will win the Home Run Derby

JOSH HAMILTON IS A BEAST. He stole the show i dont care that he lost. It was still amazing. Was his dreams about the derby when he was in his rock bottom days? Anybody able to clarify for me?

According to his book, “Beyond Belief, Finding the Strength To Come Back” Josh Hamilton had a dream while he was sleeping at Winning Inning, a baseball facility in Clearwater, FL run by Roy Silver and Randy Holland. This is a baseball outreach program that has a religious foundation based at Jack Russell Stadium, the old Phillies Spring Training site.

Anyway, he dreamed he was competing in the Home Run Derby of the All Star Game hitting lots of home runs. Afterward a female reporter interviewed him over by the dugout. At this point in his life he had ruined his baseball career by snorting cocaine and smoking crack for about four years. He had abandoned his family, a wife and two children. At rock bottom he returned to his grandmother who took him in, nursed him back to health and he returned to baseball with the support of his wife and family who forgave all the wasted years and turmoil he caused.

It’s quite an amazing story and worth the reading…I highly recommend it. My kid is reading it now.

Yeah i heard its a great book. My friend had it im waiting for him to finish it so he can hand it over haha.