Hold runners

What is the best way for a lefty to hold a runner on 3rd.I have seen the squeeze put on the lefty more than once in the same game.Should he go from the stretch and hold that way or wind up and step off with the left foot? Thanks blm.

im a lefty and i usually just every once in a while step off and either throw or fake the through over just to show the runner i havent forgotten them. As for throwing out of the stretch or wind up, i just do whats im feeling comfortable doing that game. Usually if there is a guy on second also ill go from the stretch and if there is only a guy on third ill go from the windup. But if your going from the windup you gotta make sure he doesnt think you have forgotten him. Hope this helped.

there’s a couple things you can do to really always keep the runner on third guessing. first, always looking at the runner before every pitches ala mike mussina moose will really make an obvious look at first base everytime before his stretch delivery. you can be more or less obvious but just letting the guy know you looked at him.

learning a good righty pick off move, that’s an investment because that’s something that might be hard/long to really master especially since there is not as much runners on third base than on first. but a guy knowing you’re quick enough to get them might be just enough to reduce the squeeze, a VERY frustrating game play.

having a talented third baseman that can fake a move to third might make the line coach feel uncomfortable about trying such a move.

best thing to do in my holy opinion when a squeeze is in order is to throw inside. since the batter is usually aiming for the second base/firstbase hole, it’s just like he’s trying to push a ball in right field. don’t help him by giving him the perfect pitch. a pitch inside is always harder to bunt and remember to give him your best fastball, the bunt is harder to apply on a good live fastball than a great curveball.