Hmm, we past this sites anniversary!

Anyways, just wanted to congratulate Steve Ellis on creating the pitching forum that we all use. Can’t imagine what life would be like without it. It’s amazing to think about how much I’ve learned over the past year, and how I’ve been able to take my game to the next level! And for that I say thank you to Steve, and to all the members on this board! :slight_smile:

I look forward to continue learning about the game of baseball, and how to further improve as a ball player on the field, and off.


yea This site been great, thanks to Steven Ellis and all the other members who have taken the time and thought to answer some good questions and conversations. This has really helped me alot and accually inspired me to be the best I can and take baseball more seriously. Thanks for all the help with mechanics and strength training this site has been amazing and I cant express how greatful I am to have a place to go when I’m confused or in need of some help. Thanks

Has it been a year? Wow! Where did the time go? No need to thank me. I love this stuff. You guys are the one that make this thing work. So thanks for stopping by and taking the time to contribute. It means a lot to me, of course, but more importantly to those looking for solutions to their pitching problems. I can’t believe how good the posts are – especially in the pitching mechanics forum. Even when there are differences in opinion. I think (hope?) there’s some learning taking place.

Looking ahead, if there’s something you’d like to see on the forum. Some forum category that isn’t here. Some feature that we don’t have, etc. You name it. Let me know anytime. Just e-mail me or drop me a PM.

Thanks again.