I am a really good pitcher, but I need to work on my hitting. Normally I am DHed for and that really hits hard for me knowing I put in alot of work. So far this season I am 0-5 with a strikeout and I have no clue what I am doing wrong. I use the same bat as Miguel Cabrera, a 34" 32oz Sams Miguel Cabrera, and I have a little bit above average bat speed. Any ideas?

Age, height, weight?

I’m 16, 5’9" and 192 lbs

If your 0-5 with a K, how did you get the rest of your outs? We’re the weak grounders of deep fly balls or even line outs? A lot can be told by your hitting just by knowing how you got out in the first place

A 34/32… That is a big ol bat. I know some monsters that don’t use that size. Some food for thought.

I agree with Sean, I’m 5’11" 170 and I swing a 33/31 and have trouble with that (theres a reason why I don’t play the hotcorner anymore)

33 may even be too big… Mickey Mantle was a big strong guy, bigger than you. He swung a 32 at times, no joke! Video is an important aspect of understanding why you are currently struggling.

Well I had the strikeout 2 groundouts one weak and one hard and 3 fly balls, one in the infield, one to deep left and one stright to center. I am the only kid who uses wood though everyone else uses aluminum

Well it looks like you might wanna swing metal then because your obviously not getting it done with wood, metal bats result it more hits anyways.

Are you swinging at pitchers pitches or hitters pitches?

Really work on your patients to hit only your favorite pitch with less than 2 strikes. The better you become at this the better hitter you will become.

Most of the time they are hitters pitches im very patient and just wait for middle inside or down the pipe

Apparently you’re doing something wrong.

First, lose the wood. You’re putting yourself at a disadvantage, swing the metal.
Second, that bat’s way too big. Want to hit? Swing a bat you can get through the zone. 5’9", 192, try a 31" 3oz drop, that would be 28 oz.
Third, get video up.

The lowest I can go is 33" for some reason coach said there is a new rule

You seem like a decently strong guy with that size. Use metal. I play 5A ball in Texas, best of the best and any one who uses wood is just an idiot. People will eat you up. 33/30 seems like a good size, thats what I swing and I’m just 6’1 162.

Alright thanks!