I know this is a pitching forum, but didn’t there used to be a “hitting for pitchers” sub-forum here?

In any event, does anyone have a link to a video showing the “load-stride-swing” tee hitting exercise?

And what do you think of that exercise? I read some criticism recently of the “stride”, don’t recall the specifics.


There did used to be a hitting section but it was rolled up into the “Off-Topic” section but I am sure you will get some good comments here too. Sorry I can’t offer anything, I am not familiar with that particualar drill.

Thanks. I found some “load-stride-swing” videos on YouTube.

Here, though, are some links discussing the stride vs. no-stride controversy I mentioned:


It appears some think the stride for youth batters should be avoided. I wonder what those on this board think?

I actually find that even though I stride in BP and games, doing tee work and soft toss with just a little foot turn for loading is beneficial.

By using a foot turn rather than stride in soft toss and tee work you work on making that stride quick so that you don’t end up late or lunging.