Hitting wiffle balls of the tee


anyway i picked up a batting tee no to long ago and i read an article by tony gwynn that says hitting wiffle balls off the tee is a good exercise. if i am to attempt this, does anyone know if i should use my regular aluminum bat, or something else? also, does anybody have any tips? thanks!


Hitting off the tee period will make you better (if you practice with good mechanics and practice good not bad habits). If you have the option though i would always train or practice with a wood bat even off of a tee. The sweet spot is smaller and its harder to center a ball than it is on a metal bat; therefore, it will make you better. If you can pound the ball on the sweet spot of a woody when you bust out the aluminum for the game the ball will fly. And balls that you dont exactly center will go far because of the bat.


okay thanks a lot! one quick question. what size wiffle balls should i use? will 1.5" do the trick or shoould i go for 3"? the 1.5" are the golf ball sized, but i dont know what sizes i should use.