Hitting Velocities: Bat Speed vs Ball Exit Speed

Hey guys, I know this is a pitching site, but I figured there might be one or two hitting guys in the audience as well.

Earlier today I did a little experiment where i took both bat speed and ball exit speed at the same time. The surprising thing was that the bat speed was higher than the exit speed. From everything i’ve read and heard, the ball exit speed is always higher than the bat speed. What makes this interesting (to me) is that a couple weeks ago I was getting ball exit speed from 82-85 and hitting 88, but I struggled to get 80 on bat speed testing. In the last week or so it has been the exact opposite. For instance, today I hit 89 on batspeed once, but the exit speed was only 83, and i saw similar results on the rest.

Things to consider:

  1. I know ball flight has a large effect on ball exit speed, so I should let you know that the flight has been just as consistent throughout the whole time. On one particular case, the ball hit the net about 35 ft away just a little below tee height, which is very close to where I want it, but the ball speed was still lower than bat speed.

  2. I am using a wood bat that has been partially cracked and taped back up. I also tried out the same metal bat I got 88 with, however, and experienced the same results, so I don’t think that is the case.

  3. The baseballs I am using are somewhat old and abused. I don’t think this would have that large of an effect though because they are the same ones I was using a month ago.

  4. I am feeling much better in batting practice now (with higher batspeed and lower ball speed) than before. Of course I can’t get outside to confirm this by measuring distance, but I think it’s significant. It seems the swing that produces the highest ball speed number is NOT the same swing that gives me distance and consistency in batting practice.

Any ideas? I’m kind of stumped here…

For additional info, here is a short clip of that days BP. 3 different views: