Hitting slow pitching

So we’ve struggled this year trying to hit slow pitching. The other night we faced a kid topping at 88 mph. We smacked him around. They bring in a kid throwing 67 and we look like we’ve never played the game.

I preach a swing plane to the pitch, but a pitch of less than 75 mph from 60’ is hardly coming in on a rope so in reality you only have one chance to hit the ball since there are no planes to match.

Any of you coaches have an adjustment for this? I’m back to knob to the ball and let the barrel fly. It’s worked “a little”, but we’re struggling.

The problem with exceedingly slow is, kids leave the mechs behind, try to muscle up and jack it…which does as you can guess…pop up’s and poor pitch selection. Getting them to back off and make contact is age old and really a matter of showing them in practice that your swing mech needs to remain consistant…

Try throwing some BP from behind the mound. It forces them to track the ball and keeps them from lunging.