Hitting or pitching? how about both

Alright so i’ve always been a great hitter for my age, and I got called up to varsity last year for having good work ethic, working my ass off while everyone else was messing around, and being a good hitter. I like to pitch also but my true love is hitting, first of all I wanna do both. So during highschool I can be both a succesfull hitter and a successful pitcher right? but what about past that? i wanna play some sort of college ball but idk if I will be able to hit and pitch. Thanks

you’re gonna have to make a decision buddy…

serious? I cant do both through highschool? then make a decision after? well idk if ill ever be able to throw above 80, genetics I guess I throw slow now only high 60’s.

I meant you will eventually have to make a decision.

At the end of the day, good hitters are worth more than good pitchers since hitters play every day. That’s why, when forced to choose, Babe Ruth chose hitting over pitching.

In college there are many two-way players; guys who P one day out of a weekend series and play 3B or OF the rest of the weekend.

Joe Savery is just one example of this.

oh ok well thanks chris so there are exceptions, great.

If you go to a smaller College and you have the ability to do both (Pitch and Hit) chances are the Coach will use you in both positions regularly until you falter at one, or until it becomes too difficult for you to work on both. Then you’re facing a steep hill to climb back up so that you can do both.

If you go to a larger school chances are that you won’t be able to do both on a regular basis, simply because it’s a larger program and the Coaches will bring in guys specifically to Pitch. Unless you can absolutely rake then there are exceptions. Or if the team is hurting for arms and they know you can Pitch they’ll get you to throw a couple innings here and there.

Keep in mind most College Programs practice for at least 3 hours as a team and then there’s extra hitting practice usually later in the day/night. The other thing to keep in mind is different weight lifting programs for Pitchers and Everyday guys.

I was a part of a smaller program my Freshman year, where 2 Pitchers also hit (one was a 1B the other was one of our DH’s). We would practice for 4 hours as a team in this time they would work as Pitcher’s (they missed BP and hitting drills regulary because they were either throwing pens or doing conditioning) then after practice there was hitting groups later in night for about an hour.

So their typical day was:

Classes from 8AM-1PM
Practice from 2PM-6PM
Study Hall from 7PM-8:30PM
Hitting Group from 9PM-10PM
Lifting whenever they found the time
Additional school work whenever they found the time
Notice no where did they work on fielding their other position simply because there weren’t enough hours in a day

Hope this gives you a rough idea what you might be in store for.

sounds like a rough schedule, but i’d put up with it for a chance at the plate again…

miss hitting sooo much.

well I want to play either D1 or D2, if It came down to it I would choose hitting over pitching, but thats not for at least another 3 years till I have to choose. Thanks guys and it will be hard but I would be willing to put up with it.

I mean well im already behind, I only throw high 60’s, a changeup thats a work in progress, and no curve as of now, Im pretty much a fastball pitcher lol i’ve been working on my change and curve though. Do you think its even in my genetic makeup that I could throw high 80’s low 90’s? Ill be graduating at 17 also.

if you do not focus on one, you will never reach your full potential. My point is, even if you spend 10 hours a day working on baseball, it will be divided 5 hours of pitching and 5 hours of hitting, when it could have been all 10 hours devoted to one or the other. If all of your efforts are concentrated on that one goal, rather than several, you will have a better chance of meeting that goal. Just my opinion.

All the two way players at my school were drafted, so it takes extreme talent to be a twoway

well i’d really like to pitch part time in highschool but im a better position player so Ill prolly split it 70-30 or something.

remember, at the core of baseball, its just a game… Do what is fun for you.

im at a point in my career where i had to make a decision so i can prolong my career and take it to the next level

James, I’m in a similar situation, myself. I’ve always wanted to pitch, but I was never given good enough training or playing time, so it never worked out. Now my hitting has vastly improved, but I still have been reading up on pitching mechanics, primarily through this forum and I’m going to give pitching another shot.

I’m gonna spend some time adjusting my mechanics with my coaches this Winter to see if I have any pitching potential, but I am going to focus primarily on my hitting. If my pitching pans out, then I’ll start taking it more seriously, but I’m not going to spend too much time on it if it might not work out and diminish my time with hitting and lifting.

I would suggest the same thing to you, don’t hurt your hitting by spending too much time on pitching, but give it a shot. You never know how it might work out.

You can hit and pitch in high school. But when you make it to collage its really
not your decision it depends on what position you get scouted as. If you get drafted for a NL team and happen to make it then your in luck :lol: