Hitting a batter with first pitch after a home run


White Sox starter Jeff Samardzija drilled Lorenzo Cain yesterday following a home run by Mike Moustakas, the previous batter.

“Part of the game” or Busch League?


Definitely Busch! If the hitter turned your best effort around for a home run–he got you. End of Story. If the pitcher is upset because he knows he didn’t put forth the proper effort and got taken yard, it’s not the next hitter’s fault that you didn’t man up for the previous pitch.


I can’t believe it happened on Opening Day! Will have to watch how this progresses throughout the season. He’ll face them again later this year, no doubt.


Agree - bush league. Especially this early in the season.

Unless that was a carry-over from something that happened last season.


This sort of thing can and does happen at any time during the season, and all it proves is that the pitcher is behaving like a spoiled two-year-old. Do you recall a game several years back, between the Yankees and the Orioles, when the Yankee batter got drilled with a pitch following a line-drive extra-base hit? The Yankees’ bench cleared before you could say boo, and all the players were chasing the pitcher with nothing less than homicide on their collective mind. That pitcher was lucky to get away with his life; he escaped into his dugout and down the nearest rabbit hole. The next batter—Bernie Williams, if memory serves me—blasted a tremendous line drive into the seats for a bases-clearing homer, and the Orioles had to go to their bullpen.
There ought to be a law…


I agree its bush. The guy got the better of your pitch, ok, so it goes. Move on.
Speaking of things bleeding over I fully expect at one bench clearer when the Dodgers play Arizona next series. Major bad blood between those teams. It was started by that dirt bag Kirk Gibson (and I say that as a Dodger fan) having his pitchers throw at batters, including Ian Kennedy throwing at Puigs head. Gibson is gone, but, the bad blood lives on.