Hitters Spray Charts

Does anyone know of any website OR link that can provide me with Free, simple, spray charts that are printable and have multiple charts on one page. Alot to ask put im hoping maybe one person may have what i am looking for.


Don’t know if they have what you want but try here

Outstanding reference by Roger.

For those of you interested in a coaching career - especially baseball, take a good hard look at these charts and graphs. This “paperwork” is only a small sample of the homework that’s required by an assistant coach, staff coach, and coaching interns. Reams and reams of fact-finding, play analysis and reviewing said same is the norm.

Coach B.

My coach told me most teams also have their starting pitchers who don’t have a start that day chart pitches and hitters. Personally I think I would have every player on my bench doing something like this to keep them paying attention to the game.

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Before I was to start a game, my pitching coach of many moons ago would sit down with me and go over the opposition lineup. He wanted to know what I knew about each batter in said lineup, his strengths as well as his weaknesses, what kind of hitter he was, whether he would pull or hit to the opposite field or hit to all fields, and how I would pitch to said hitter to get him out. This coach of mine was an active major league pitcher who doubled as an extra pitching coach for his team, and he would do the same things with me that he did with his teammates. This was a vital aspect of strategic pitching, particularly important for me since I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of and had to rely on an arsenal of snake-jazz (breaking pitches of all kinds). 8)

I haven’t looked at a hitters spray chart since my senior year of hs.

That’s a good idea, especially if Suede is coming back to play, because he gets off track a lot.

There’s room for some fun and goofing around but most of our attention needs to go to the game.

I would love a spray chart of our opponents because that would help me know who I might be able to sneak a fastball by and who gets only knucks.