"Hitch" in my arm action

I consistently throw in the high 80s. My teammates say may motion is different. They say its different because I hide the ball from the hitter for a long period of time and also because I have a “hitch” in my arm action.

what is a hitch? do any big leaguers have a hitch in there delivery?

you mean your teammates refused to explain to you what a hitch was? A hitch is anything that interrupts the otherwise fluid seamless arm action. It’s not necessarily a bad thing…

ubaldo jimenez and cc sabathia are examples that come to mind. I actually like both of their arm actions a lot so your arm action doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% smooth to be effective.

Why change something thats not broken? If its causing you to have success and youre able to pitch effectively pain free then stick with it. Not every pitcher is supposed to be the same, so just because it doesnt look “normal” doesnt mean it isnt right for you.

Satchel Paige had a “hitch” in his delivery. He called it his “hesitation” pitch, and he drove the batters nuts with it.
The Cincinnati Reds in the 1960s had a relief pitcher named Howie Nunn who was one for the books. He wiggled and wabbled and jerked around like a rooster on steroids and threw his arms and his legs and his neck and just about every other part of his anatomy into his delivery, and it looked awfully funny—except to the batters who had to face him, because he got very good stuff on his pitches and was getting the batters out.
And there have been others. McCovey is absolutely right; no two pitchers are alike, no two have the same motion, no two of them look like a Spalding Guide illustration, and this is as it should be. Some throw “over the top”, some throw with a 3/4 motion, some throw sidearm, others are submariners, and there are all sorts of gradations in between. What matters is getting the batters out, and if that’s what you’re doing, stay with your delivery and don’t let anyone tell you any different! :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:


“Rooster on steroids”

thats hilarious