Hit by pitch

Ok, this isn’t really related to pitching, but I was hit in the calf with a pitch yesterday in practice. It is a little better today then yesterday, but I have a game tomorrow and don’t know if I’ll be able to play/pitch. I can walk but it hurts when i bend my knee. It feels like my calf is tight, like a charlie horse in the calf. The pitch wasn’t coming that fast, probly around 65 mph if I had to guess. What should I do to make it heal faster and do you think I’ll be able to play tomorrow?

it’s just bruised and tight it’s not a injury, you can definetly play on it…

do that to stretch your calf…I would have my leg back further then the lady in the picture though and remember to keep the heel of your back foot on the ground and you should feel the stretch in your calf

It’s gonna be sore tomorrow no matter what you do to it i’d just stretch it before the game and do some light jogging and then a couple of sprints on it right before the start…

We’ll see, I’m just hoping I’ll be able to sprint tomorrow. I could barely walk yesterday and couldn’t really jog today, but it has gotten better.