History of Sports Exercise and health-What could have been

What have been some of the greatest advancements in the exercise and health field for baseball?

Which pitchers would have benefited that greatest from it?

How people who pitched in the 70’s and 80’s would have been better or had less injuries?

I bring this up because of my dad’s story of his short baseball career.

He went to Sebring High school near Alliance in Ohio. It is division 6a school now and was probably around the same size when my dad attended that school. My dad is 6’2.5 and threw in the upper 80’s in high school. He had pro scouts from the Cardinals ask him to go to tryouts for their team. He never went and only played through his junior year of high school because of elbow pain.

How good could he have been with modern technology and knowledge about throwing, pitching, mechanics, and bio mechanics?

I don’t know if this will strike up a discussion, but I thought I would put a post about his because it is always interesting thinking about the “what ifs” of life.