Hips and rotation

I have a question regarding hip shoulder separation and properly turning your hips into foot landing…is it done just by focusing on opening the front foot quickly into landing or should you also twist with your back hip down for more separation?

you don’t want to open your front foot too quickly b/c that will cause your hips to open, and from there you will have a problem. What I reccomend thinking about when your throwing is keeping your front foot facing 3rd (assuming your a righty) as long as possible. This does not mean you want to land with your front foot still closed, your foot should be at a straight line or up to 10 degrees closed when you land.

From there you should focus on rotating your hips. Try not to over think the upper body rotation because it will naturally follow the lower body in rotation. Ultimately you want about 40-60 degrees of seperation b/t your hips and shoulders. This seperation is generated when the shoulders stay in line with home and the lower body begins to open up. Your hips should start to open up after your front foot has landed. This seperation can be improved through spinal track flexibility, strengthening the abodominals and hips, and through practice on the mound. I don’t know any drills for working on generating torque, but someone else probably will.

ok thanks alot

to get more hip/shoulder separation and torque should you do this…when your hips open up rotate your shoulders and torso back to second and then throw?

to add to what i said, will this increase velocity or just mess up the timing?

Your shoulders should already be rotated back because they got there during your knee lift (when going from the wind-up) or you were already there (when going from the stretch). The trick is to have good mechanics and timing to delay shoulder rotation until the hips have fully rotated. Rotating back some additional amount might work for some but it is, in general, not necessary. Doing so certainly could mess up your timing and, therefore, your velocity.