Hips and long toss

ok two questions if you long tossed all summer would it make you throw harder or give you a lot more arm strength. and what is opening the hips and stuff i mean i think i know what you all are talking about but ive never really done anything with my hips when pitching knowingly i just pitched should i post a video to see if i’m doing it right or what?

I would post a video of yourself pitching. You would get some good positive feedback. And as for longtoss everybody is different. Some people say they dont get any benefit from it but as for myself I feel that it allows me to get my body in sync with my throwing arm and helped with arm stength.

Longtoss is extremely important and beneficial. Watched my 8 yr old add velocity over the summer with doing long toss whenever he threw. He currently is clocking in at 51-53 mph.