Hip to Shoulder Seperation

I hear the term quite often and I feel stupid asking, but can someone please explain this term to me as well as maybe show me an example of it!


Think of it as the distance between the front hip and the back shoulder. Hips rotate while the shoulders stay closed thereby increasing that distance. Well, that’s what we want to happen. Maximizing separation helps maximize rotational velocity of the shoulders.

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Looks like this:


If you draw a straight line through the hips, and then another straight line through the shoulders, you’ll see it makes a sideways “X”. In pitching, the hips fire first, followed by the shoulders. That delay between the hips opening up and the shoulders following is hip shoulder separation.


Thank you for clarifying. I literally learn something new from this page everyday. It’s great

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Thank you for clearing this up for me! Appreciate it. To add on to the question; in theory would having a longer stride increase hip to shoulder separation? I’m guessing yes, but I am young and don’t know half as much as some of you guys on here!

Simply, the hips are fully open and the shoulders are fully closed when the front leg stabalizes. That would be ideal hip to shoulder separation. The more the hips are closed and/or shoulders open, the less hip to shoulder seperation you have

his is a good example of hip to shoulder seperation.

It depends on how you do it. Driving off the back leg would help but reaching with the front wouldn’t really