Hip Shoulder Separation

I realize that hip shoulder separation is a huge factor in velocity. I have one question though. I was watching K-Rod pitch for Venezuela in the WBC and used my DVR to watch his delivery in slow-mo. I agree that his hips are open before his shoulders, but it appears that his front shoulder is opening a tad bit before his back shoulder. This motion makes him stick his chest out in the high cocked position. When I have tried to work on my hip shoulder separation I try to keep both shoulders closed as long as possible. I was just wondering if I was analyzing K-Rod wrong if I am wrong in trying to keep my front shoulder closed as long as my back shoulder?

Without seeing the same video that you were watching its hard to know completely, but my guess is that you were seeing a scap load, which was being initiated on the front side…

From my understanding, this shouldn’t be confused with the shoulders rotating yet, as that will be more noticeable watching the torso and upper chest start to rotate. If someone thinks they have a better explanation for this, I would be more than happy to hear it