Hip/Shoulder separation

Can someone please post pictures of pitchers with good hip/shoulder separation? And I have somewhat of an idea what it is, but I dont know much about it.

Separation of hips and shoulders is important. It allows you to maximize velocity and it allows you to use your body to throw instead of just chucking the ball with all arm.

Being able to delay shoulder rotation long enough to achieve maximum hip and shoulder separation requires proper timing. If you’re not getting good separation then you probably have a timing problem. But there are a number of possible causes of timing problems. We would have to see a video to determine the actual cause. You can think of it as rotating your hips before your foot lands on the ground, usually the start of when the shoulders start to rotate through.

Here is an extreme example.

Where’s Chris when you need him? :frowning:

Chris was known for frequently posting a picture of Casey Fossum showing exceptional hip and shoulder separation. You can see the picture on
http://www.chrisoleary.com/projects/Baseball/Pitching/RethinkingPitching/Examples/HipsRotatingBeforeShoulders.html][u]Chris’s website[/u
. Scroll down for the picture of Fossum.

Thanks for the replies. I understand more about it now. :slight_smile:

ah, i asked this question a while ago, and I think I get it now, too. Thanks :smiley: