hip rotation

Ok well ive been told that i haven’t been using my hips when i pitch, and i think this is true, since i throw all arm and never got the speed on my fastball i was happy with. Can anyone tell me what i need to do to gain hip rotation and speed to help develop my velocity?

If you need to know anything else let me know

Get your hips moving forward sooner and faster. Lead with the front hip longer into your stride. And don’t sacrifice knee lift height - just make the leg quicker to get out front after staying closed off while the hip leads.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating because it’s essential. When I used to go to the original Yankee Stadium years ago I liked to watch the pitchers, and I noticed that the Big Three guys were all doing the same thing—they were driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in a continuous, seamless motion, and that was how they were getting the power behind their pitches; not to mention that this took a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder. They were getting the entire body into action! I saw just how they were doing it, and I made a note of it and started working on it. As I practiced this essential aspect of mechanics I noticed that not only was I getting more power behind my stuff—I was throwing harder, with less effort—but also it took pressure off the arm and the shoulder. How not to get a sore arm.
You can also have your guy work on the “Hershiser drill”, which will get him using his hips more. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

it’s simple
alll you got to do is stay closed
keep your shoulders closed until footplant
this willl automatically make your hips rotate first and create torque