Hip pain


After seeing an explanation by Brent Porciou, I finally got down the front leg extension and trunk tilt. I was hitting 75 finally, and wasn’t even throwing as hard as I could. I was also hitting my spots 95% of the time. However, when I do this, I get extreme pain in my left hip (I think the flexor). After a few throws of actually doing this, my arm felt great, but my hip hurt. I waited 15 min, lightly tossed and pitched again. My hip killed and j had to quit. Why is this?

With tryouts in a couple weeks, I don’t know what to do. If I don’t extend my front leg, I lose Velo, my UCL hurts, and I am completely wild.


It’s really tough to diagnose by reading text, but you could have a mobility or strength issue. You are engaging muscles that aren’t used to pulling their weight. Perhaps focused training and exercise of that area will help protect it against your new mechanics. See what your coach thinks.


Thanks, I definitely plan on trying to strengthen and mobilize my hips. Unfortunately, at this time I am my only coach, so there’s nobody I can really go to. If I’m at tryouts, should I mention that if it’s bothering me/affecting me?


Congrats on the improvements. Post some video and we may be able to help a little better. There are a number of exercises you could certainly do to strengthen your hip flexors.


thanks, ill try. that day itried to have someone record it, but they recorded in between each pitch ;/