Hip Loading

Why is this needed?

Does it help in MPH?

What do you think about it?

The hip flexors are part of your core muscles. All explosive movements, especially rotational, come from the core. The hip flexors are responsible for opening up the front leg and “closing” the back leg. Both actions facilitate hip rotation.

OK so should a pitcher try to load his hip a little when pitching?

I don’t think it’s something you should focus on.

Nyman refers it as ‘pelvic loading.’ It’s a similar concept of hitters bringing their front knee in to make a tension to the pelvic area for faster hip rotation.
Here’s a good pelvic load of Alfonso Soriano…

I think it applies to pitching in terms of more lower-body rotational movement.

Sometimes we look for a little edge or something new / different when what we ought to focus on is refining what we have.



I’m doing that I was just wondering about a part of mechanics that I have not studied to often or really at all till it was brought up in a conversation.

If you are lifting your from leg while driving toward the plate with the back leg, you’re already loading the hips to a degree. No need to conciously focus on those muscles specifically.

Yup, everyone on this board always talks about leading with the hips and that is a form of pelvic (hip) loading.