Hip leading question?

when leading with your hip how far forward should it be compared to your head. Or should you just focus on leading with the hip and let it naturally happen?

My opinion is that the front hip doesn’t need to be way out in front of everything else - just a little bit because there becomes there’s a point where posture can become an issue. So, where is that point at? It differs from pitcher to pitcher.

What I’ve found is a bigger issue is how far into your delivery one leads with the hip. Young pitchers who lack strength can’t lead with the hip very long before they have to swing the stride leg out front. You have to start off doing only what you can control and then improve over time as you add strength.

the farther they are in front, the greater your mechanical advantage and leverage. the trade off is it requires more coordination and body control to get nto this position and hold it until you get to release. it is not easy to do.

I know how to cheat to get your front hip more in front. Instead of being neutral to the rubber through pivot and all that, angle your toes towards the plate a bit.

when pitchers come out of the knee lift they bend their back leg a little while they are getting their stride leg out in front of them…they bend the back leg a bit so they can keep their weight on their power side (your right side if you are a right handed pitcher)

in the back side leg vid and head vid, you can see how the back leg bends a bit as they get their leg out…i the head vid you can see how he keeps his head and weight back during the stride