Hip Labrum surgery

Hey guys, I had surgery to repair a torn labrum in my right hip on August 24th, 2010. I had only 2cm separating me from a total hip at twenty years old. Needless to say, it was difficult pitching, hitting, and rotating with it.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this surgery, or if there will be a big difference when I get back to pitching(January)? The labrum in the hip is like the meniscus in the knee or obviously the labrum in the shoulder. Will I have more give, push off, velocity like I once had(almost 90)? Or will it not make much of a difference at all? Just curious.

Since I am on my surgeons program with rehab I’m restricted from a lot of things, but my main focus is gaining more flexibility in my hips, hamstrings, and core through stretching, pilates, and yoga. I am hoping this will help prevent injury and allow a seemless transition back into pitching.

Last year, my older son had surgery to repair a torn hip labrum. Earlier this year, he had surgery to repair his other hip labrum. The rehab process is slow going to allow the labrum to reattach itself to the bone. During this process, you have to be cautious of not babying the injury in such a way that you throw something else out of alignment and end up with same other injury.

I’m not sure what the success rate is for this surgery. If your injury was truly affecting your performance and you’re able to fully recover, then I would guess you might feel like you perform better compared to your pre-surgery injured state. I wouldn’t count on performing better that your pre-injury state - the surgery doesn’t somehow make you better than Mother Nature did.

BTW, my son played baseball through junior varsity in high school. He played catcher, 2B and RF but did not pitch. Then he switched to track and field and became a decathlete in college.

That is interesting he had his one hip done and now the other as well. My surgeon was very adamant about making sure my left hip was fine since fixing one can cause the other to go too.

Rehab is slow, but it is only 4-5 months until I return to full activity, and back to 100% in a year. The success rate, as far as my surgeon says, is near 100%. It should never tear again assuming I don’t do anything now that will hurt it.

When did your son have surgery? I’m sure we could compare some notes with rehab and what not.

I played all the way through high school and almost hit 90(89), and my velocity dropped to the low 80s once I was in college and I wasn’t sure why. My sophomore year, this last spring, I just didn’t have that explosion and give in my hip that I once had. That and the pain was severe when I rotated. Labrum surgery is very new and there is a lot of variation depending on the person that is for sure.

My son’s second surgery was about 4 months ago. His first surgery was about a year before that.

We have a tri-level house with lots of stairs. Going up and down the stairs on crutches put extra stress on his other knee so it started acting up. Plus, somewhere along the way my son developed a stress reaction in one of his shins. His doctor has given him clearance to return to most activities and he’s tried to start jogging but between all of his ailments he’s having a rough go of it.

I’m assuming your surgery was done arthroscopically?

Four months ago and a year before that? So he is three months ahead of me.

I see how the extra stress would cause the knee to act up. My knee has had a little soreness from having my hip in alignment, whereas before it was flared out. It will take awhile for everything to work properly and the ailments to clear up. I hope he gets better and can get back to doing all the things he was doing prior to his surgery.

Yep, my surgery was done arthroscopically. I had the surgeon’s recommended Game Ready machine, which was a cool ice machine that helped me recover a lot quicker I think. Between lots of rest and being faithful to my hip exercises, things have been going great.

My hope is to make the baseball team at my new school(UW-La Crosse). 75 guys tried out and I have all of January to get ready to make the team once practice starts in February.

Good luck! Hope things work out well for you.