Hip flexors

im getting back into a workout routine to build up to throwing after surgery. my body and arm feel great, but i am feeling enough pain in the front of my hip bones (im guessing it’s the hip flexors) that makes me noticably limp sometimes and that is effecting my leg workouts.

my question is if there is anything i can do to strengthen that area, or is that even what it needs? i am trying to isolate the area with stretches but i would say the improvments are minimal at best.

thanks in advance for any imput.


What did you have surgery on?

slap lesion of the biceps tendon

Just wanted to be sure it wasn’t your hip flexors that you had surgery on.

I can’t really tell you what’s causing your pain nor whether you need more flexibility or strength. But I can say that lots of people could probably use more flexibility in the hip flexors because all of the time we spend sitting and sleeping (if we sleep on our sides with our knees tucked up) puts the flexor muscles in a relaxed and, therefore, shortened position. From that standpoint, stretching would probably be good.

Please note I’m not a trainer, so don’t take my word as gold but…

You might want to incorporate some work on a Hip Adduction and Abduction machine, I think it would help flexibility and strength.

get yourself to a certified physical therapist specializing in sports rehb. there are plenty of the in the metroplex. they can check you out and fix you up.

after a big surgery like that, you need to be carefully monitored by an expert.

remember, dizzy dean blew out from a line drive to the foot and he continued to throw while it was sore. he changed his throwing motion and that did it. be careful dude.

take care of your money maker. we are working with a physical therapist who specializes in sports/spine development and rehab. he has changed some of the exercises and training we do.

he does not recommend overloading the body with heavy weights doing rotational motions. the body (particularly the back and spine) cannot handle this type of overload. it runs counter to mills and the exact duplication of execution planes during training (specificity training).

good luck and post how things are going. this is some of the most valuable information you can share.

thanks for the imput, i guess i just had to knock the dust off of em because after a couple of months of workouts its non existent now. thanks for all of the imput and hopefully i’ll be posting up soon about how im getting the life back in my fastball. :lol: