Hip discomfort

Well its not the hip, its the muscle right below the hip, but im constantly feeling discomfort there. Amd usually after I run or do a high intensity workout, it is always very sore the next day. I have seen a doctor and hes told me to get rest. Ive tried that, but it hasent done anything. Is there anything I can possibly do, like excercises or something to take that discomfort away?

i’ve had this same problem, are you a pitcher? which hip is it?

I had this too … I’m a righty and it was my left hip … it just went away after a while … after about two weeks … now I just make sure I stretch my hips thoroughly … it hurts when you land on your lead foot, right?

My son is a RH pitcher and suffered from a similar complaint in his left hip area late season last year. I took him to a Sports specialist and was told it was a hip flexor and was referred to a physical therapist.

The PT gave him several basic excercises to do, and suggested that when wearing casual shoes, to choose those with greater support in toe, heel and instep (arch).

I will post the excercises tomorrow as I don’t have them with me at the moment.