Hip action - 12 Yr. old K King of our LL's Mechanics Video

[color=green]Just wanted to see what this Board thought about a late April 12 year olds mechanics and delivery during his last year of Major LL play.

I have to admit, I never wanted him to pitch in LL 12U.

Even though he has one of the top 2 arms in his age group timed by the PRO’s and College Coaches who have been running their “Holiday Baseball Camp” in my neck o’ the woods for going on 15 years or better.

And I was comfortable with other managers using their kids arm up at such an early age. Just saw way to much abuse from LL Manager’s with only one kid on the team who could ‘pitch’, especially from LL’s w/o an ASAP program. Yep, I’m the guy who ‘made’ our LL adopt the LL ASAP program. :smiley: 8)

Now ol’ Rex2 has been an AS for 4 years in a row - with his bat and glove - leading several AS teams of his in RBI’s and AVG, … but with the pitch count in effect this year in LL play, there was not much room for daddyball when it came to pitching - if’n a LL Major Manager actually wanted to win his League, and … lo and behold Rex2 got to pitch this year :wink: and his 2007 Major LL stats w/only 4SM, 2SM, & a CCU were:

48 K’s

15 BB

22 innings

10 hits allowed

.111 Opponent BA

1.00 ERA ( 6 innings ERA )

K%: .626

WHIP: 1.14


I still do not allow him to throw a curve ball and he is mature enough to understand the reasons why, even though his peers are calling themselves “The Magician” with their fancy, super duper 12 year old curve balls - if you can understand where I am coming from - and what I have to listen to from other dad’s that are bragging on what a great curve balls their son is throwing this year right in front of me and my son. Stuff like that can wear on a 12 yr. old kid, especially around AS time when one parent is planning on the future, meanwhile at the same time - to another parent it’s all about NOW for the kid’s success and it’s tuff sometimes to keep the kids focused on what IS the right way.

After all there is no guaranatee as far as the future is concerned - all ya can do is work hard and let the cards play as they are dealt.

Thanks to this web site, it makes my job as a “Dad” and “Coach” a whole lot easier.

Thanks to the powers that be that put this thing ( lets talk pitching) together and I am SURE that you guys have helped many kids become better pitchers; and - probably saved some kids from getting some sore arms trying to become the next great #22 or #34. :wink:

As for Rex2, he’ll be going to the Big Field next year starting the season behind the 8 ball at 12 yr.'s old and - yet he’s already “chomping at the bits” to start working out for next years pitching from the Big Field ( even though football season and 2 - a days are right around the corner - he plays FB) , but he was really in a groove this year throwing only fastballs and the CCU and wants to keep up the hard work with his baseball hitting and training exercises he’s been doing religiously since last August 2006 when the Pros Scouts/College Coaches who run the “Holiday Baseball Camp” in my area taught us those training exercises. My company paid and reserved the fields from the city for that basebal camp to come to my home town and it’s the best thing I have ever done for the young ballplayers in my hometown - and it ain’t over 'till it’s over. I got lot’s more to do for the young kids who love their baseball in this town !

And, FYI, the other teams in our Lge. never saw his CCU until their 3rd game against him this past season. :wink: LOL!!

You guys would’ve had to have been there to appreciate how much the other teams AS’s best HR/AVG hitters were over swinging on his CCU when he finally unleashed it on them late in the season this past season.

Yep, ol’ Rex2 learned how to grip that CCU right here folks. 8)

It was the one pitch that he mastered relatively easy, and adapted to the quickest after we experiemneted with a couple type CU grips we learned here on this web site.

By the 2nd and 3rd games against the same teams, after he’d been practicing it on the side for several weeks ( NO we never told his fellow Pirate teamates about the CCU so they couldn’t let the ‘cat outta the bag’ ) you could see the other teams best hitters just digging in and literally waiting to unload on his 2 and 4 SM fastballs.

However, that circle change up grip we learned from this web site - DEFINITELY - had the other teams best hitters hitting soft grounders or continuing to K while looking for the heat the last 1/3 of this years L season. :smiley:

We had’em scratching their heads all season long. LOL!! Gotta give a little credit to this web site for that. :!: No doubt about it!! That CCU grip works!! :idea:

When ya look at Rex2’s video,… any advice, analysis, criticism or compliments on his pitching mechanics and delivery is appreciated.[/color] 8)


Very difficult to see enough in that video clip to make any judgement.

[color=green]I understand Roger. Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know how well it could be viewed from another PC.

I stay as far away from the “game” action as possible so I do not bother him or his teamates or coaches.

I’ll get another close up video of him tomorrow, but it won’t be in ‘game’ conditions since his AS team lost in the finals this past week.[/color]