Highschool vs. College

What are the biggest differences between high school and college baseball?


In HS, pitchers aren’t as consisteny – with velocity, control, command of pitches, command of the strike zone, command of their mechanics, etc. – than college guys.

When you advance from college to pro ball, it’s the same thing – consistency.

I was a freshman this last year at D2 Northern State and the biggest thing I noticed when I was on the mound was the speed of the game.

Runners are faster
Ground balls are harder
Fly balls are hit farther
Everyone throws harder

Just stuff like that. You dont have all sorts of time during a play. Also, coaches dont tollerate as much. They expect you to know the signs at all times, score, number of outs, situation, ect. Just mental stuff all has to be engrained in your head.

College baseball is soooo much fun and you will not regret working hard to get there.