Highschool Velo

How Hard should 14-18 year olds be throwing in high school to be considered by collages Im 5’9 135lbs 15 LHP I clocked at 83 about 4 months ago Played up with varsity and got attention from JV games from other coaches the last few summer season games but Im just now starting to workout in the gym last week how fast is the below average,average, and above average Velocity for 14-18 and what should I be striding for by senior year to play collage?

That’s pretty good velocity for 15. Low 80s mph is great. Top HS prospects are basically throwing upper 80s by their junior season. Remember, the early signing period for Div 1 college baseball is November of your senior year in high school, which means if you want to put yourself in a position to compete for full or nearly full scholarships, it’s really all gotta happen your junior year. Now that’s not to say tons of kids don’t develop later – they do. But upper 80s is where you want to be in two years.

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Might step on Steven’s toes a bit but I believe full athletic scholarships are rare in college baseball. Colleges don’t get that much money to hand out so they end up giving partial scholarships. But athletic scholarships can be supplemented with academic scholarships. And there’s usually more academic scholarship money available than athletic scholarship money so make sure you get good grades!

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Totally agree, no offense taken. Keep your GPA high and your ERA low! You’re far more likely to get a partial baseball scholarship combined with some other financial aid. And it most likely won’t cover the full cost of school.

Still, if you look at the top 50-100 college baseball programs, I’m talking schools like LSU, UCLA, etc., you’ll find 2-3 full scholarship baseball players every year. These are the kids that commit/sign in November of their senior year in HS during the NCAA’s early signing period.

I know a kid (a friend helped coach him privately) who was pumping 93-95 mph, ended up going to Arizona St. He got $0 in baseball scholarship money. Of course, he also got in trouble his senior year of high school. Keep you nose clean too.
If cost is a major concern, playing JC ball for two years can be a great option too. Costs at most JC’s are low enough that they can be paid out of pocket by most folks and one can get their first two years of schooling taken care of that way. No one ever asks once someone has their degree from the four year school.

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Most JCs give Full Scholarships

I am familiar with california, where they do not offer money.