Highschool tryouts! An advice?!

Im a freshman in highschool and my baseball tryouyts are coming up January 18th. Im 6’2 170lbs and im not sure how fast i throw right now. last summer i was throwing around 77-78 mph. I want to be throwing 83-85 mph at tryouts. i just turned 15 recently and ive never thrown a curveball. The baseball team has been conditioning since the first day of school and we have been doing weight lifting, brutal ab workouts, plyometrics, and other drills to increase our explosiveness twice a week. we also go to the batting cages and work on hitting and do some drills on the field twice a week. Based on the information im given right now i was just wondering if there was anything i can do to reach my goal of throwing 85mph by January 18th.

Sounds to me like you need to start throwing (including long toss) and then start throwing bullpens to get yourself dialed in for tryouts. If you haven’t started doing this yet, I’d put the focus there rather than on increasing your velocity.

be the aggressive kid at tryouts!

First off, Roger and Hammer gave you some great advice as they usually do, listen to them.

Second, I know I’ve never really had to try out because in Wyoming (or in Evanston at least) we don’t have enough people to hold real tryouts. All I can say is real work ethic will impress a coach and if you show that you are dedicated to the game and to bettering yourself then that should help your chances.