Highschool freshman

how fast should a highschool freshman pitcher be throwing

I held the radar gun at our high schools freshmen tryouts, and the top was 79. 2 could occationally hit 76-77 and the others would sit at 72-73, although it turned out the kid that couldnt hit 70 was the most dominate pitcher last year. Had great command which is much more important in freshman ball than velocity. Your reaching the point where everyone is going to start throwing hard, its the one who can control at least 2 pitches and a 3rd is very useful.

So my advice is that you should be throwing hard enough to get people out.

Good Command=not as much velocity
Bad Command=velocity needed to get away with mistakes

Hope this helps a little.

alright thanks

well im a freshman this year and im 5’6 115 lbs. and i am throwing max at 78mph iw ould like to throw 81 by tryouts…my tryouts our april 29th so if i go up one mph each month i will get that goal …is thir anything you know of that can help me reach my goal

Dear Heelan 13,

With your size right now, it sounds like your velocity is well above average. With maturity and training, the sky is the limit as far as the radar gun readings go. Send me a PM if you would like some weighted ball training plans or workouts. I really like your attitude, but remember to practice patience and not be discouraged if things do not happen overnight. Stay persistent with your training and try not to be too high or low.

Good Luck…

hey thanks a lot i was just going to buy those weighted balls tonight but none of the stores around me had any in stock so im going to order them online…i would like to know the workouts for these that you have and are you a baseball coach or is that ID name just a name for no reason