Highschool Freshamn Sidearm

I am a freshman in high school and our season just ended. I have been throwing sidearm all my life, but I have been trying to throw up top lately. I have been experimenting with this because on a good day I can throw around 77-80 over hand. I am a hit or miss type of pitcher over hand, either I’m on or off (mainly because i haven’t thrown bullpen up top since before season. I throw much better sidearm, its slow and according to my pitching coach “nasty”. I want some advice as to if I should stop thinking about throwing up top or take my ability to throw sidearm and run with it. I am pretty tall and lanky for my age, 5’10-5’11 and weighing 150.

ok cool. if that is your natural arm slot, STAY WITH IT!!! dont let anyone change it