Highschool baseball teams

Im starting as a Freshmen in Highschool next year and im not really sure how joining the team works. Are they tryouts to join the team? If so is there like Varcity team and a Jv team?

Any knolage(sp) would be helpfull


Oh yeah. JV is the younger age group Varsity is the older one. As a freshman most likely you’ll be on JV. Depending on your school size there could also be a freshman team. Do you know who the coach is? Find out and talk to them would be your best bet.

Ok good cause i was thinking theres now way im going to be able to beet a senior. thx

u might be able to beat a senoir. last year our school let a couple of 7-th graders on the team and i was one of them and we were better than some of the freshmans and sophmores. so go out there next year and give it all u got u might beat a senoir

Go to or call the school you’ll be attending and talk to the coach or Athletic director and find out what is expected, you have likely missed an opportunity to play summer ball with them already (Many HS’s use this to "pre-try out 8th graders). You wouldn’t be the first freshman to make varsity but it is rare, it really depends on the game you bring and what the coach sees as your capabilities.
Generally speaking schools will have about 3 days of try-outs, do a cut and then possibly one more cut prior to the season.
Work hard, focus on what you bring and not worrying about the others, relax, enjoy yourself, hustle every time…even when you think no one is looking…it isn’t corny…hustle has gotten more kids chances than you can imagine.
Good luck to you!

yeah most of the time your try out for the jv team as a freshman and sophmore. when you get older you can play varsity. i had a friend who played varsity as a freshman and he got completly rocked.

Our school looked like this last year.
Frosh team - 100% freshman
JV team - 70% sophomores 25% juniors 5% freshman
Varsity team - 5% sophomores 45% juniors 50% seniors