High School Tryout

My kid needs some advice and it seems mixed for the people he has talked to. My son is a Freshman “14” and this year Freshman baseball was eliminated in his school district so he will be competing with the Sophmores and up for a spot on one of the 3 teams, Varsity, JV and a C-Team.

He has started at 3rd at AAA and 1st. When the team didn’t have a catcher he was the guy (solid with good pop time to 2nd) and if they needed 1-2 innings in the middle of a game he throws loads of strikes and good junk (change, splitter and knuckle curve). By the way he also plays the corners in the outfield, stick is average and that is all he is working on this winter besides strength and conditioning…what is going to give him the best opportunity to make a team. 1) He is an ultra-versatile player that can start at any spot or 2) He should pick 1 or 2 positions that is what he wants?