High School Sports

What are some of you guys opinions on solely concentrating on baseball? Do you play more than one sport? I would much rather be a great baseball player than an average baseball and football player.

By not playing football, do you think that solely working out and practicing pitcher will helpme make great strides?

An opinions on the Tuff Cuff program for the offseason?

I don’t think it’s a big deal playing a fall sport if your baseball season’s in the spring. I’d actually encourage it. Where you might want to drop a sport (like basketball) is in the winter. That’s the time when you should really start gearing up for the baseball season.

I played soccer throughout high school (soph, junior, senior years).

I dropped basketball in the 8th grade and just threw and strength trained in the winter. Lifting before school 3 times a week. Throwing, longtoss and bullpen work after school 3-4 times a week. Running and sprint work after throwing 3-4 times a week.

Dropping the winter sport, among other things, helped me make the varsity baseball team as the No. 2 starter as a freshman. We finished 3rd in the state that year.

I would rather train for baseball all year. It is fine to have two sports growing up or maybe more, but if you are serious about your one favourite one, you should train according to that sport. Football workouts and baseball workouts are two different things. Football is to get bigger and stronger, baseball is to get stronger and faster.

This year I played football in the fall, and baseball in the spring. As a freshman, I was quarterback of the JV team and had a nice year. The season ended in early December, giving me just one month to get ready for the first day of baseball practice.
I worked out hard and was able to make the varsity team. Throughout the season I found and began looking at this website. It really motivated me and made me not just be a good pitcher, but a great pitcher. I began reading about the Tuff Cuff manual and ever since I have wanted to buy it and begin using it.
I may be mistaken, but besides getting my arm and body into baseball shape, is a month really enough time for me to get stronger.
We do lift during football, but there is a difference between football lifting and baseball lifting.

This is just something I need to think about.

Do what you gotta do but I would encourage you to play both because out here in Wyoming baseball is only a summer sport not a HS sport and I can’t play any other sports because the school sports won’t let me if I don’t go to the summer camps that are mandatory, so the only sport I play is baseball because well, that’s my favorite sport, I can’t pick football or track over baseball, I just can’t.

I would say that you should try to play as many sports as you can. They can be great cross trainers. I live in Minnesota and some of the best players on my team have been hockey guys since its such an intense sport. Football would be okay to play but just make sure you don’t get to into the workouts and try to get too bulky. I would also try to give your arm rest before your season.

I play hockey, volleyball, badminton and baseball. If anything the amount of leg and core training i do in hockey and volleyball along with the swinging in badminton and the agility training have probably helped me more than if i just concentrated on baseball, though i’d probably hit the ball better and be stronger