High School Sports debate that KHSAA is trying to decide

Just curious what anyone thinks on this issue

Kentucky High School Atheltic Association is still debating a proposal made in october.

The proposal is to split Private and Public schools into 2 seperate divisions for post season play.
I’m very frustrated with this even coming up. If they split the schools it will definately take away from the level of play in our playoff systems.
The main thing that i’m annoyed with is that this is really only a football issue and nothing else. And only lately has football even been dominated by private.
Just a note, the only sports in classes are Football, CC, track.
Baseball, basketball ect do not have classes everyone is the same division.

I was just curious if anyone had any thoughts or what your respective states have done in HS sports for the private vs public issue.

That is an interesting proposal. I think they may practice the same principles in Texas. In Nebraska, some of the best programs are private schools. I love to play them because they serve as a measuring stick for a lot of the other teams. When talking about an urban high school, like my current coaching assignment, we do fight an uphill battle against those types of teams. In the end, it is always a great challenge to compete against these teams. As a coach it serves as a great challenge as far as preparation and motivation. I think I would miss the competition and not be in favor of splitting the classes into separate divisions. Plus, if all the private schools are gone, who is going to be the villain? Just kidding!

In Missouri (St. Louis), things are relatively co-mingled.

Each Catholic high school (which make up most of the private HSs) will play its traditional Catholic rivals (e.g. Cry Baby College ;-)) and some public schools. It’s relatively non-geographic and more based on size of the student body.

I think it works fairly well, IMHO.

It appears that they aren’t going to make up there minds here any time soon. I think it will end up that they will just make the rules of going public middle school to private high and vise versa with be pretty tight penalties. (2-3 years of sitting out from varsity). Not a big fan of this for the reason in my next couple sentences.
The other possible comprimise is to tighten or create boundries for private schools. Most states that would probably not be a problem. However, in KY the county schools are often very bad so kids choose to drive to go to a good school.

Btw, Coach Kreber, I was wondering what were the dominant high schools in the Omaha area right now. Used to live in Papillion, when I ask my dad about High School Sports I think Creighton Prep is probably first out of his mouth, are they still doing pretty well?

Yes, he would be correct. Year in and out, Creighton Prep still is a dominate power in the Omaha area. Also, Westside HS is another power in Omaha baseball. Last season, Millard North HS finished in the USA Today top ten at spring’s end, winning the State Championship. In Papillion, their community now has two high schools, Papillion and Papillion South. Papillion HS is another traditionally strong team, but Papillion South is growing into a strong baseball school as well. How long ago did you live in Omaha?

I lived there 8 years ago now. But my mom grew up on Q street and my dad just north of Council Bluffs, so we go back once in a while.

I live in Massachusetts. Private and Public both play each other regularly and the play offs they are still together. Prep schools on the other hand (alot around here) play in their own league.

the highest class (division) of baseball talent is pretty well spread out among the public and private school in missouri… a private school (cry baby college) won state in 2010 and a public school won this past year… I think that they should all compete for state… becuase if they didn’t then it wouldnt really be winning state. would it?

Well I go to Pattonville HS in St.Louis, MO and everytime we play a good Catholic HS, CBC being the best, we get destroyed. They are good to play because of the immense talent, but with such a high amount of athlets to pick from they always have great teams. Its somewhat unfair, but I still like to play against the best.