High School Senior Getting Ready for the Next Level

I’ve recently been accepted into SUNY Stonybrook (for academics) and I want to try out for the baseball team as a walk-on. You might have heard that they qualified for the NCAA tournament last year. I’m about 5’8-9, 140lbs and I throw ~82 mph. I throw a 2 seam fastball, curveball and a changeup all with good command.
I wasn’t actually expecting to get into Stonybrook and now its my best college option. I was planning on playing DII or III baseball, now I have to face the challenge of making a DI team.
I have a whole year to prepare for this, can you please give me some advice, like what can I expect at tryouts, when I should try to meet the coach and anything else you think would be helpful. I really don’t want baseball to be over for me.

Since you’ve already been accepted to the school. email the coach now! Tell him your interested in walking on, and let him get back to you.

DONT, and i cant stress this enough, tell him how hard you throw or what pitches you have in the first email. Feel free to give him your height and weight, but don’t say what your pitches are unless he asks. He wants to see that your more interested in being on the team, than how good your stuff is.

For tryouts they are going to want to see that your in great physical shape, don’t be surprised if they do a timed two mile, and expect you to get it in under 12 minutes. Most likely the coach will have a mini tryout in the fall, and then preliminary cuts. whoever is left will play fall ball. Then spring time the real tryouts will begin. Be prepared for very physically demanding tryouts. They could include lifting, running, and lots of drills.

They also want your arm in shape, be prepared to throw against hitters.

What every coach does is a little different, this is just my experience.

Also many coaches has their own prerogative. I know for a fact that my head coach, at a DIII school, recruits his team, and is close minded to letting people who he hasn’t really recruited on the team, even if they are better than some people that he recruited.

Walking on to a DI team is very hard, and be willing to switch positions if they ask you too. Just give it your all, and good luck.

Nice post Kim!
And Dart…eat a steak will ya? I would condition to get more mass if I was you, on top of what Kim threw out. Speak early with the coach and use their facilities as much as they’ll allow. Even redshirting in this situation will get you access to the equipment, training and technology the team has…put it to wise use.

Kim is right on,

Our team is fairly similar to Stony Brook in terms of being a Mid Major and where we stand in our conferences which are similar in RPI.

Our tryouts have a timed two mile (which needs to be under 14) that is for the pitchers only.

Then a timed 60 which usually a good time is anything under 6.8

You have plenty of time to prepare for the tryouts, so it’s good you found this website because it will help you out with most your baseball questions.

After going to a D1 program out of HS, I had my scholly removed after 2 seasons, told I was no longer in their plans (it happens more than most coaches care to admit ). Broke my heart, and I transferred back to my local D1 university planning to just finish up my degree and not play.

My Mom, thank goodness, talked me into arranging a mtg with the head coach before I enrolled, to see if I could give it another shot. In that mtg I was very humble, and told the coach I would do anything…mid reliever, short reliever, BP pitcher … just to have a chance to be involved with the program - but that I thought there must be SOME way I could help.

I found later from the coach that this was very well received, and after the redshirt process went out as a walkon. By the end of the Fall I was in their rotation, and by end of my 1st Spring I was their #1 starter.

I was very, very fortunate…my only point here is if you approach it the right way, there are opportunities as a walkon.