High school rule for mound visits

I get two in a inning and the pitcher is out. I thought the 3 visits was total and even a second pitcher would have to come out. I believe taking the pitcher out does not count as one of 3 total visits. I read the rule book still did not get it. thanks

Second visit in an inning to a pitcher, you must remove the pitcher on the second visit.

Third total visit to a pitcher in a game, you must remove the pitcher on the the third visit.

Any future visits would be to new pitchers and would start the process over again, 2 in an inning and 3 in a game.

You guys need to check 3-4 in the NFHS rules on Charged Conferences.

Are you asking because you’re playing some venue now where they’re using NFHS rules, or are you asking for when it’s the regular spring HS season?

on defense,each team may be granted not more thean 3 charged conf. during a game without penalty. The number of charged confrences is not cumulitive.?Does that mean after pitcher is taken out starts again. paraphrased. After 3 charged confr.the pitcher shall be removed as pitcher for duration of the game. We play high school rules for summer ball. The one thing I discovered in this section is that if offense calls a timeout you can talk to your pitcher on the mound and not be charged a visit. Just make sure the ump knows the rule. Section 4 art.5


Let me save you a lot of angst. The next game, just ask the PU at the plate conference where you exchange lineup cards. Unless the ump is a total AH, he should be happy to explain it.

The reason I asked about why, is because a lot of times in leagues/games where they say HS rules are in effect, they don’t get umpires who are qualified to call HS games during the regular season, and it can lead to a lot of problems

A couple years back I scored for our Jr Legion team which was basically made up of our incoming Frs and soon to be Sophs. Legion requires modified OBR, but Jr legion has the option of using NFHS or OBR. Our league decided to use NFHS, and from the 1st game on there were problems. Many of the coaches weren’t used to HS rules, and sometimes we’d get umps that were at best qualified to call LL Jr games.

Is really difficult during the summer because during the week an ump might call LL games which have their own rules, college players in wood bat leagues using NCAA rules, Legion games using OBR as printed by TSN, NFHS rules, or load knows what other rule sets as well. That’s why I always advise people to never use HS rules unless its during the HS season, OR for sure the umpires and coaches will all be very familiar with the HS rules.

Have a great summer!