High School RHP

posted these vids last week but got 0 replies. I really need some feedback because this coming junior season it is really important for me to breakout and prove i can be a part of the pitching staff!



Who is coaching you now, and what are they telling you?

scorekeeper, I did not get a permanent pitching coach but my summer team coach is a d1 pitcher and i have basically been feeding off advice from him, my older teammates and ones who have gone off to pitch college ball. The only thing that i have heard is to speed up my motion a bit.

stride shorter and throw harder.

Intensity!!! Throw the ever-loving crap out of that ball!!! Say to yourself you want to throw that ball right through your catchers glove and hit him in the face. Get angry!!! You’re a pitcher, you want to be a little crazy and want to hurt people (not too baldy though, within reason :wink: )

It looks like you do a couple of things at the end of your delivery which just completely robs you of velo. First you don’t brace on your front leg and get any leverage, you collapse and just kinda follow it, honestly it looks like you are attempting a change up by slowing your delivery. The second thing is that you don’t assist with your core. The whole thing looks like you are trying to protect an injury (I think Switch is correct about intent also).
I think breaking it down to components and building it back up is a reasonable alternative. Start with basics…build some core strength, incorperate it into your delivery, instead of concentrating on all that wind-up and form, simplify and try to develop velocity, remember it is sequenced and starts from the ground up.
Go to the logs forum and look-up Lanky Lefty’s log…it is a terrific guide for a kid trying to build up some velocity/strength.
Also in this vid I’d like you to check out how this pitcher develops velo from the bottom half, you may also want to notice the arm action, and notice how his pen starts simple, just getting the components working together as he builds;

thank you guys for your responses! jdfromfla, yes i have realized that i collapse on my front leg and am currently trying to fix the problem. your response was very detailed, which i what i was looking for. thank you for the video also it actually is helping alot.

I’m always happy to give some morsel of thought :smiley:

You just make sure you check into what Lanky did, he is an honest and dedicated pitcher…he won’t candy coat it…you’ve got work in front of you.
But good luck and best wishes brother! Knock em dead.

I think many of us agree with jdfromfla, I also feel that you showed us a couple of videos and honestly I didn’t see a fastball from you, is the curve and change your best pitches? When you show off your mechanics show us your best fast ball, all the gas you got, who cares if the catcher has to dive for the dugout…let it go man. Everything else comes off the fastball.

I disagree with one of the comments before that said you need to shorten you stride and throw harder, well shortening the stride is counter to throwing harder for me, I feel the closer to home I am the faster my fastball is, stride big and turn your trunk and hips quicker and with more energy to develop, “Throw harder”.

Good luck kid!

thanks jdfromfla i know that with hard work and dedication it will pay off in the end. buwhite, the second and last video was my fastball and the first was a curve and the 3rd was also somewhat of a curve. my friend could not upload most of the vids but we are working on one big compilation of my bullpen sessions and in game footage. From what everyone has told me, it looks like im not throwing my pitches 100%. Now with actual footage, i do realize that i really need to explode out there. and i also agree with you about the “shortened stride” comment. i have never really had a permanent pitching coach but i feed off watching major league pitchers, and friends who have gone off to pitch in college ball, they all told me that a stride should be at LEAST 100% of the pitchers height and thats also helped me improve. Thanks for your feedback bro! godbless

Your approach right now should focus on two things

  1. Mechanics

what I see is a slow, deliberate, linear follow through. You are not rotating in the plane of your shoulders.

  1. Strength and Conditioning

this is a huge component of velocity that 99% of high schoolers completely miss out on. If you get your body strong, flexible and explosive it will pay huge dividends. Can you do 20 pull-ups? 40 quality pushups? deadlift or squat at least 1.5x your weight? If you aren’t even close to these numbers you have all the more to gain from starting to get your body in shape.

check out eric cressey for a ton of free information that will get you started.