High School RHP Mechanics

I want to work on leading with my hips, having a firm glove side, achieving triple extension, and stiffening my front leg so my torso can get over it to have better arm extension. What order do you think I should work on these mechanical changes in? Are there any good drills to help me work on these changes? I appreciate any help.

You don’t ask for much do you…just kidding…I am sure that we all would like to see some video of where you are now and for most of these issues the first drill would be the hershiser drill.

Good Luck!

Unless you have a serious issue, work on what happens earliest in your delivery because improving things earlier in your deliver will often improve things that happen downstream.

I would not recommend trying to work on stiffening the front leg. If you want to get your release point further out front, you don’t do it with “extension” - you do it by staying online with the target as long as possible (postural stability), staying closed and rotating as late as possible (glove-side control), and creating good momentum. These things should result in a longer stride and in getting out over the front foot which, in turn, lets the release point happen out in front.

Many moons ago, when I was really getting into pitching, I would go to the original Yankee Stadium every chance I got, and I would watch the Big Three—Raschi, Reynolds and Lopat. I noticed that they were all doing the same thing—they were driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and, it seemed to me, seamless) motion, and that was how they were generating the power behind their pitches—and taking a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so they could throw harder and faster with less effort. I saw just how they were doing this, and I made a note of it and started working on it on my own. As I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that I was doing the same thing they were, and my natural sidearm delivery had more snap and sizzle to it.
I call this “The Secret”, and believe me, this is the key to a pitcher’s power. Buwhite mentioned the Hershiser drill, which aims at getting the hips fully involved, and that’s a good place to start—and you don’t need any special equipment to do this one, just a fence or a wall. The rest will follow. Go to it, and good luck. 8)