High school question


How many of your high school aged pitchers wear cups when pitching? My son is a RPP/OF and I’m fighting to get him to wear it. When he played IF wasn’t an issue wearing.


The single reason for not wearing this protection is an improper fit. There area different styles and sizes for this protection, along with the support garment(s) that hold it in place.

A cup that’s too large moves and can be a major distraction. A cup that’s too small can bind, pinch, and even ride up from its original position.

The undergarment that holds his protection in place can be another issue. Jocks, or athletic supporters, come in various sizes and shapes. There’s even garments made of Spandex that act like conventional jockey shorts but have a pouch or pocket that holds the cup in place.

Unfortunately, there’s no “dressing room… try it on” type of place were your son can see what fits best and what style.

In addition to all that I’ve mentioned, sometimes embarrassment takes the lead here, and this is not all that uncommon with young boys in high school. The uniform of choice by his team probably doesn’t hid the fact that he’s wearing a cup right in the place that can be the object of giggles and jokes by others - especially the girls of his age that attend games and such. All in all this can be a sensitive issue so I would tread lightly on pressing your son too much on wearing or not wearing. Besides, this should be a mandate by his coach(s).

Another consideration is any insurance coverage that may be null and void if your son gets hurt in that region and he’s wasn’t wearing the “normal” protection that’s expected in this sport.


Thanks for the response, coach.
Anybody have advise about which cups are the most comfortable?


I’ve read quite a bit of favorable reports about the NuttyBuddy Cup…yep, seriously!!! Google it!


There are shove-head styles, banana styles, flex side styles and others that are consider cups. There are many undergarments that hold these in place and the web is full of both cups and undergarments.

The NuttyBuddy is a takeoff on the run-of-the-mill cup, and for some, it serves the purpose. A little pricey in my opinion … but it serves a purpose.

The price of cups plus undergarments like - BIKE - CHAMPION- DUKE ATHELTIC and others are not that much - considering the protection they offer. The trick is to find one or a combination of cup and undergarment that works best for your son. So, I would suggest going to a few sporting goods store with your boy and looking over what’s in stock. Look over the variations and purchase a few. Then by trail and error, your son should find something that accommodates him.

Now I know the cost outlay may be a few bucks, but figure the protection and choice that your son makes should be worth the money spent.

Here’s simple suggestion that every professional makes when suiting up - liberally dusts the inside of his cup, and the undergarments holding it, with talcum powder. The talcum powder stops chaffing, eliminates the irrigation of the cup rubbing against the skin from sweat, and also prevents a rash developing in that region.

Another consideration of wearing a cup is your boy’s understanding of the sport, and as a varsity player, he’s prepared for a roster spot. AS he gets older and moves up in competition - this small detail does not go unnoticed by college coaches and by some scouts.


Not to directly go against the flow and live on the wild side but for myself and almost every teammate I’ve ever had, outfielders and pitchers don’t wear cups. Outfielders don’t have the need and pitchers prefer it this way for comfort.