High school pitching velocity?

What would be considered a good average fastball for a 15 year old to throw? I am not talking the studs, I am talking about the good serviceable pitchers in your area.

RHP sitting 74
LHP sitting 72

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Good and average are two different things :wink: average serviceable would be 64-67 and good would be 70-72. Studs would be mid and upper 70s.


15 is a tough age. My estimate may be a little high. For seniors I would only bump those about 4-5 Mph for Seniors on average…but that is a different question.

Freshmen in my area average is 60-65

I would add to what CoachPaul said - if you are much below 68-70, you better have at least three pitches you can throw for a strike at any point in the count or you won’t ever see the mound outside of a blow out.

It’s such a wide range hard to say. Here 2017 Class as Freshman had kids from upper 60’s to a couple over 80. All topped out at 70 or above. Heard 2018’s only had one top out over 70 (high 70’s).

I am a high school coach currently and see our average 15 yr olds throwing around 73-75. Our 15 yo pitchers that show potential as college pitchers are throwing 80+.


Average to me at 15 year olds would be 72-75. i was a freshman last year and i was 80-83 and topped 85. this year im 83-86 and top 89. everyone is different